Research Data

Central to our project is the audiovisual data we gathered which documents the experiences of touch and social distancing of people with audiovisual impairments during the coronavirus pandemic. Over a period of 18 months, we asked members of the deafblind community in the UK to record their experiences in audio and video diaries. Our participants also joined our research team for regular interviews.

Find out more about our participants and explore examples from the audio diaries and interviews.

Audiovisual Data

The majority of our data takes the shape of audio diaries created by our participants. For two weeks at a time, we have asked the participants to share their thoughts and experiences of everyday life with us. The participants have been recruited across the UK. They represent a wide range of abilities across the deafblind community in the UK.

In addition, we also conducted regular interviews with our participants which were captured in audio and video recordings.

All our data will be available for other researchers on request via the University of Glasgow’s data repository Enlighten.

Technical Data

We also provide access to data on the real-time scene monitoring with haptic feedback gathered as part of the development of our haptic tools. The data takes the form of confusion matrices, where multi-sensory participants had to locate moving person within 10 discretised areas in a fixed scene using our haptic device.

Access to the data can be requested here.